Matt Meadows
Camer Lens I have a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in biology and environmental science, and a minor in organic chemistry.  I also have a Master of Science degree in biology, and 7 years of Ph.D. research in zoology and molecular genetics.

Though I received my first camera at age 9, my serious interest in photography came of necessity to illustrate my research.  Soon, I began to apply my skills to nature photography.  I was particularly drawn to macro-photography of the smallest flora and fauna.  It was the thoughts of becoming a nature photographer that lead me away from research and into professional photography.  After building a large collection of nature, science, and medical stock photography, I acquired representation in 1989 through Peter Arnold, Inc., (now part of Getty Images) and later through Science Photo Library, London.  Both agencies have large, exclusive collections of my stock photography.

Since opening my commercial photography studio in 1992, I have focused on table-top, large set, people, and location photography for pharmaceutical, medical, scientific, and publishing clients.  My success has been to adhere to concise and simple solutions, regardless of the complexity of the subject.

If I am not behind the ground glass of a view camera, then I am probably relaxing by fly fishing a cool trout stream.  My quest is a simple one; to tempt a trout with a delicate imitation, hand tied from natural materials, and presented in an artful form which no trout can refuse.  How does this relate to my ability to deliver photos that no one else can?  If I can stand waist deep in a freezing cold creek for 6 hours, determined to catch one trout (that I will turn loose anyway), then just imagine the focused attention to detail that I'd give to your photography assignment.

For concise, simple solutions and incredible attention to detail consider me for your next photography assignment.